The #12days4good social media campaign was first launched by House of Friendship, inspired by the giving spirit during the holiday season, inviting local communities to give back through simple good deeds for 12 consecutive days in December. Simple good deeds can impact our communities in amazing ways!

House of Friendship approached Kindred Credit Union in 2017 to take this campaign of thoughtful, intentional philanthropy forward with the resources it needs. We’re excited to continue to lead this social media campaign for the third consecutive year!

When are this year’s “12 Days”?

This year, #12days4good begins on Monday, December 9 and runs through Friday, December 20. During this time we invite you to visit the site daily to read blogs written by our “Do Gooders,” use the hashtag #12days4good when tweeting your own good deeds, and to be inspired by the good in our community.

What is a Do Gooder?

Do Gooders participate in the campaign by writing blogs, visit community events that promote good deeds and local charities, and of course, document the process on their social media channels.

How can I become a Do Gooder?

If you’re interested in becoming a future Do Gooder please contact Amy Zavitz, Community Engagement Specialist, at