Pause for a moment and think about what your home means to you. Family. Comfort. Community. Privacy. Peace. Warmth. Self-respect. Ultimately, this is what all do-gooders are working to achieve.

MennoHomes provides affordable rental housing throughout Waterloo Region for households with low incomes. While the tenants in the homes we help to create are often seen as being on the receiving end of assistance, they also have a strong desire to pay it forward. Being a “do-gooder” feels good.

For our participation in #12Days4Good, it’s our tenants who are responding with an act of kindness. They have been collecting socks to donate to @ToastyToes_WR. Socks are the most requested item at shelters and the least donated. Clean dry socks are essential to healthy feet.

If you pay attention to the socks that tenants have donated, you’ll notice that they been personally selected, each pair chosen for their warmth and attractive style. These are gifts of care and compassion from people who know what it’s like to face challenges in life.

When we are in the midst of “doing good,” it’s can be easy to think of it as a one-way act of kindness—but that’s rarely the case. Everyone has something to give, even if it’s just a smile, a kind word, a sincere thank-you, or a pair of socks. To learn more about how MennoHomes is responding to the need for affordable housing in Waterloo Region, feel free to be in touch. And, be sure to follow us on Twitter @MennoHomes—we have an exciting new project to announce in early 2020.