Four Cambridge women with their knitted toques and mittens

Everyone wants to be valued and feel like they belong. This is why the Region of Waterloo actively works to connect people living in community housing to programs and activities that help them live a full life.

On our ‘do-gooder’ day, December 10, we recognize a group of Cambridge women living in Waterloo Region Housing (WRH) who used their kindness to make their community a warmer place. Together, these ladies knitted more than 200 toques and mittens for families living on low income this winter.

“There’s nothing worse than a parent realizing they don’t have enough money to buy their children clothing to stay warm,” the women said. “It also gets us out of our apartments and makes us feel useful.” (They joked that it keeps them out of mischief, too!)

This knitting club is one of many engagement opportunities offered to tenants who live in Region of Waterloo WRH communities. Tenants have the opportunity to build a sense of community right where they live. They can participate in recreational and/or social activities, as well as decision-making and advocacy through membership on local tenant councils.

When we think about what someone needs in life, we often think of things like a place to live and an income. But there are additional needs we sometimes take for granted that can be very meaningful—such as a feeling of belonging and purpose. Getting involved in one’s community in a thoughtful way not only improves quality of life for the individual, it spreads out to their community, too.

Region of Waterloo Community Services